We have watched as our fellow man has suffered the ravages of natural disasters. We are inspired by the resilience of the survivors and amazed by the selfless dedication of the first responders, the Good Samaritans and of course, the organizations who come to their aid.

The Ludacris Foundation like to do our part to help those impacted to RECOVER & REBUILD! Thus, we have partnered with local organizations who have boots on the ground and an understanding of the growing needs.

We are committed to helping families buy essentials such as clothing, blankets, towels and toiletries. We ask that you join us so that we can expand our outreach to even more survivors. We are particularly sensitive to the children who need to get back to school and regain some sense of normalcy in their young lives.

Continue to check back with us. We will update you about our progress and provide additional ways to help those in need as they RECOVER & REBUILD!


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Help Buy a Meal

You can make a donation to The Ludacris Foundation in any amount to support our relief efforts for the survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

We have partnered with the HeadKnowles Foundation to provide resources and support to the Bahamas. You can contribute to their fundraising effort via GoFundMe.

World Central Kitchen, set up by the chef José Andrés, provides food to people after natural disasters. Donate funds they can use to provide additional meals.


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